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Lulu’s Loves by Barbara S. Stewart w/review

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Title: Lulu’s Loves

Author: Barbara S. Stewart

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 17, 2015

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Lulu Welk is learning about love.

She’ll learn that love is not the same for everyone, and no two loves are alike. She will live through all the feelings that come with each love she experiences. Great loss will begin her path and she will navigate her way through the trials and lessons of love with her greatest love. She will learn that love can hurt – physically and mentally – but she will go on. She will learn that love can be beautiful… and confusing, but she will go on. She will learn that once trust is broken you can forgive, but it’s much harder to forget. But she will go on. She will learn that love can be devastating and that as hard as you try, sometimes that pain and devastation floor you. But she will go on. And she will learn that you never forget your first real love.

Take a walk with Lulu and learn about love.









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Okay first I need to say- AH! I cried like THREE times!!! I NEVER cry!!!!!!! I can probably count on my hand the books that made me cry.. Okay, next – I feel like I was meant to read this book. There were so many things that were connected me and that is so weird!! I connected right away and I felt like Barbara wrote this book for me. I absolutely loved every word. I laughed, I CRIED, I got so mad, and at the end I was exhausted. This story has stuck with me for weeks after I read it. Lulu’s Loves was the first book I’ve read by Barbara and definitely won’t be the last, I will be grabbing the rest and reading very soon.


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I’m Barbara, I read. I write. I come from the northeast, born in Havre de Grace, MD, and grew up in Pennsylvania. In my teens we moved to the Space Coast area of Florida. Now I live in Middleburg, Florida (Jacksonville area) with my husband, Gene.
I’ve worked in the electronics industry, and most recently in healthcare. I give back by volunteering whenever I can, and in 2009, I received The American Cancer Society’s HOPE Award for volunteerism.
The stories I write come from my heart. I’m never sure where they are going until I get there. Most often, a song begins to paint a picture that becomes a love story. Sprinkled through my stories are humor and sadness based on real life experiences shared with family and friends. I write with emotion, pulling from memories and events that made me who I am. My readers tell me they feel like they know the characters I share with them. I like to call my writing ‘the sound-track of my life.’
A reviewer on Amazon recently said, “This isn’t a romance, it’s a love story.” (readingmaven)
As a writer, I hope you continue this journey, travel with me, see what song inspires me next, and I hope that you see more growth with each page you turn.
I love to read; it’s a gift that was shared with me by my mom – Alis. She introduced me to her favorites like Little Women, Christy, and the Nancy Drew books. Books are an escape, a journey into new and different places and I’ve been many places I never dreamed of. My favorite genre is romance. I to explore and support other authors who paint a picture through words that allow me to feel the story. Some of my favorites are Adriana Trigiani, Maggi Myers, and Nora Roberts.
You can reach Barbara by email bsswrites@yahoo.com
Other books by Barbara:
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