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Cover Reveal Survival by Jaden Wilkes

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You probably won’t like Ethan Sinclair. Not because he planned to shoot up his high school, starting with the most popular kids of course. Not because he’s kind of a wimp when he falls in love with the beautiful new girl who takes him under her wing and makes him a man.

Not even because he’s accused of her murder and serves only a year and a half sentence before reaching the age of majority and slipping away into the criminal underground. And no, you won’t even dislike Ethan when he changes his name and begins to kill with cold, dark precision.

This isn’t a story of erotic love, where you get squirmy in your seat at the descriptions of clenching and quivering body parts. This isn’t a story of romantic love where Ethan is transformed through the purest heart of a good woman.

This is more of a cautionary tale about the kind of love that destroys a person, leaves them trembling and sobbing and torn apart, bleeding and weak.

This is a story about the kind of love they’d do all over again, no matter how hard it hurt when it broke them.

And that’s why you will dislike Ethan Sinclair.

Because he did it all over again.


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