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When it comes to reading there is never just one more page!

About Jen

Jen JOMPHey!! I’m Jen a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children who drive me insane! I’ve been reading my whole life, I took a break for a few years and when my husband bought me a kindle 2 years ago I’ve been going full force ever since. I read very fast, usually I can read a book in a few hours. Reading is my time to relax and just be me, not a mom. However that doesn’t mean I get the time to read everyday, so it takes me longer to finish a book. And come on that’s just time I don’t have with a TBR list ten miles long!! I decided to make a book blog to share with people what I was reading; none of my family or friends are avid readers so they think I’m a nerd. I wear this title proudly! I don’t really know what genres are, I know, I know, but I love to read happily ever afters, although I do like for the characters to have to fight for that and come on there has to be some romance.



One thought on “About Jen

  1. Not sure where to post this so going this route. I just finished most of the WHAT IF…THE ANTHOLOGY where the donations go for autism. The last one is to post a comment which I marked that I did. I could not post a comment for that cover reveal because the link says page not found. This was post on March 16th…I wasn’t trying to be dishonest. But thought you would like to know the link to comment on that post doesn’t work…thanks!


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