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When it comes to reading there is never just one more page!


You and I Alone by Melissa Toppen


Twenty-one year old Anna Blake has lived her life by one simple rule; never get attached. Having learned early on in life that nothing is guaranteed, she knows there is only one person she can truly rely on; herself.

But when she accepts a job as a dancer at one of the most secretive and exclusive clubs in the country, operating under the name Logan, she meets the one man who makes her question everything she thought she knew.

Bentley Reed is exactly the type of man women crave. Rich, powerful, and as sexy as they come; the definition of a playboy. A former soccer star turned business mogul, Bentley is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it…. but he has never met a girl like Logan before.

Their undeniable attraction is clear from their first encounter and neither can deny the sexual chemistry that flows between them. When Logan agrees to one night with Bentley, she has no idea that one night will alter her very existence.

Determined to walk away from a man insistent on not letting her go, Logan struggles to resist the temptation of what her body desires above all else.

What happens when two people who operate by the same rules, find themselves breaking them all for the chance to experience just one more night in each others arms?




Review by Jeneane


Two people that have had a tragic life. Bentley is a rich business man while Logan is a struggling college student. Neither one has ever allowed themselves to fall in love or be in a relationship. Logan was a ballet dancer until a devastating injury ended her career and Bentley was a star soccer player who injured himself bad enough to end his career. Can these two lost souls heal eachother or are they both too damaged? Logan is one strong woman who knows what she wants and stays focused until Bentley walks into her life. The push and pull these two have keeps the reader on the edge of thier seats. The passion and chemisrty is off the charts hot. Bentley is all about control and so is Logan and these two together is explosive. I was rooting for them from the beginning but Bentley gives such mixed signals it’s hard to hope for a good outcome. Can Bentley get his head out of his butt and man up or will Logan give up before anything series begins. Just as you see a wonderful side to Bentley and think there’s hope the story ends. Talk about frustrating. Come on April so I can continue this story and see if It’s worth Logan opening her heart to Bentley.





The Diary of Bink Cummings : MC Chronicles



You think you know? You don’t know Sh*t – 

Must Read: The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 1, previously.

When changing life’s course, you never consider what twisted curve-ball fate might dump in your lap. Growing up in the MC, then gaining my own personal Independence was not only a curse, it was a blessing. So when I decided to say fu*k my past and embraced my future, away from the only place I called home, I tried to re-invent myself, by becoming the woman I am today.

Until, one day, fate reared it’s ugly head, forcing me to return to the place I ran from. The place where I had no choice but to face HIM. And hide the biggest secret of my life, as I wallowed in silent fear, of the insurmountable repercussions it would evoke when anyone found out the truth.

Steamy Adult romance

Warning: Contains Mature scenarios, and mass quantities of profanity. For Ages 18+

-This is not a Standalone.

Vol 3 of Series will be Released in May 2015




Review by Jeneane


This is one of my all time favorite reads. This book had me on a emotional rollercoaster. I yelled, I cried, I was turned on, and happy through out the entire book. Bink brings you right into her story from the beginning. You get sucked in and feel as if you are seeing everything that is happening. It’s been months since Vol 1 left off and some pretty shocking things have happened to Bink since she left the club house and Big. You will have to read this to find out what but be prepared to be shocked. Eventually Bink finds her way back to the club house where all hell breaks loose once Big realizes what’s been happening since she left. Can Bink and Big get over the past? Or are they doomed to repeat the same failures over and over again? Will Bink finally admit her feelings or will she be too stubborn? Many of these questions are answered and I can’t wait to read Vol 3. Loved every minute of this ride and I’m looking forward to see what happens next. Bink Cummings does an amazing job of keeping her readers engaged in her story.




Enduring Kiss by C.E. Black

Jessica’s worked for Lucas (Master vampire) for three years as a feeder and has kept her feelings for him a secret. She wants their relationship to stay professional so she can continue to hide her nightmares. When Lucas starts getting closer Jessica is forced to face her past or leave. Some think that’s for the best and will do anything to get Jessica away from her Master. Will Jessica finally exept the love that’s being offered or will she continue to hide behind the scars of her past, keeping her away from the family she’s never had? (Aprox. 25,000 words)
5 stars Jeneane
Loved this book. Meet Jessica young and damaged food for Master Vampire Lucas. She’s madly in love with him but is afraid when he finds out she will have to leave him. She’s had a rough life until she came to work for Lucas. Lucas is a dark mysterious sexy vampire. Jessica is innocent and naive which is amazing considering what her life has been like. CE Black writes the right amount of suspense, passion, and angst. If your looking for a great quick read then this one is for you. CE Black does a great job keeping you in suspense on Lucas’s feelings, Jessica’s ability to doubt herself and believes the crap people dish out to her which caused me to yell a few times at my kindle. The sexusl tension will leave you craving for more. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series.
authorbio2Best selling author of the Fantasy Romance, ‘Shifted Temptations’. C.E. Black lives in the hot south with her husband and two children. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading as much as possible and having girl-talk, while drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.

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