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*** Spotlight for Theresa Sederholt ***





The Unraveling of Raven

*** This book has been professionally re-edited and re-formatted. Thank you for your continued support.***

This book contains strong language, violence and sexual situations. Mature audiences only. This is not a stand alone.

At twenty-seven, Raven Anderson experienced more heartache then anyone would in their lifetime. Finally, her life seems on track when she starts doing what she loves the most; teaching second grade.

However, the best-laid plans are not always the right path as Raven learns when fate puts her in the direct path of mega billionaire, Jaxson James Phillips, owner of Raiders, Inc., a corporate raiding company. With the spotlight now focused on Raven, her past is threatening her future. So, she does what she does best—run!

This beautiful girl, with the violet eyes, has left Jax, who never gets rattled, totally speechless. Used to getting what he wants, he can’t understand why she’s running from him. As time goes on, he slowly unravels the many layers of Raven. What he finds . . . puts everyone around them in danger.

Can anyone survive?


B&N: http://bitly.com/1EkOHIV

Trailer link:





Darkness Into Dawn

Tragedy has struck and now it’s a waiting game. New beginnings, so full of promise, are overshadowed by a past that is continuously haunting them. Secrets are uncovered. Lies are revealed.
Raven and Jax will fight for their lives and the ones they hold dear. Will a normal life ever be in their reach? Will anyone truly be safe, again? Too much has happened. How can anyone survive this?

This book contains strong language, violence and sexual situations. Mature audiences only. 18+ This is not a stand alone.


Amazon: http://bitly.com/1Cz6GcG
B&N: http://bit.ly/1Ggai5J





Shattered Lies

This book contains strong language, violence and sexual situations. Mature audiences only. This is not a stand alone.

Lies are shattered, leaving death and destruction in its path. To save a child, they must make a deal with the devil himself.

They had a plan: two days—get in, ask the questions, and get out. Seemed simple enough. But you know what they say about best-laid plans. Life always seems to get in the way of living.

Revenge can be such a bitter pill to swallow, costing others to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Jax’s need for control slowly slips through his fingers as Raven’s past attempts to steal their future.

Will Maxwell be able to hang on to his happily ever after, or will it be cruelly snatched away, yet again?


Pre Order–>> http://amzn.to/1OMXuUp




Theresa Sederholt was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. She is a graduate of Campbell University in North Carolina, with a degree in Criminal Justice. Theresa now calls North Carolina home, with her husband, a professional chef, and her two dogs.
Experiencing life first hand is what she does best. Believing she can do anything has put her in many crazy situations. Whether it’s babysitting a pig farm or cutting the top off of a mini truck; nothing is ever out of reach. Her list is endless, A to Z.
As a flight attendant (there’s that list again), she would make up stories about all of her passengers as they came and went. It seemed only natural to put pen to paper and see where these characters led her. What started out as a single woman, having a cup of coffee—trying to make it through life—grew into a complex story of romance, mystery, and murder. The Unraveled Trilogy was born.
Theresa’s beliefs are pretty simple. There isn’t a luggage rack on the hearse, and give a girl Nutella and espresso and she can change the world.

Author Link:
Author Web Site:

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*** Spotlight for H.D. Smith ***



Genre: Mainstream Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Wild Fey, LLC
Book Trailer (Dark Hope, Book 1): http://bit.ly/DarkHopeTrailer


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Dark Hope (The Devil’s Assistant, Book 1)
Released July 2014 (original release March 2014)
Amazon: http://bit.ly/DarkHopeBook
Print: http://bit.ly/DarkHopePrint
Audio: http://bit.ly/DarkHopeAudio (Narrator: Lauren Fortgang)

Book Blurb:
Claire, the Devil’s assistant, knows very little about the world she was dropped into five years ago, when she inherited her mother’s unpaid debt to the Demon King. She certainly didn’t expect to be a contender for the Fallen Queen’s throne, a target for the Druid King’s mafia, or a suspect in the murder of Junior, the Devil’s oldest hell spawn.
In a last ditch effort to save her life and get out of her deal with the Devil, she sets out to solve Junior’s murder only to be taken prisoner by the four most dangerous immortal hell spawn alive.
Not to be out done, the Pagan Queen Mab, claims Claire for entering her realm uninvited. She has an old debt to settle with her brother the Devil. Taking Claire from him after losing her years ago is just icing on the cake.
Will Claire win her freedom, and save herself from the Devil? Or be trapped by Mab forever?

Tag Line:
Loving a demon isn’t the end of the world—losing him is.




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Dark Awakened (The Devil’s Assistant, Book 2)
Released December 1, 2014

Amazon: http://bit.ly/DarkAwakened
Print: http://bit.ly/DarkAwakenedPrint
Audio: http://bit.ly/DarkAwakenedAudio (Narrator: Lauren Fortgang)

Book Blurb:
Last spring Claire’s seemingly normal—if not totally screwed up—life was tossed on its head. For five years she’d been one of the damned—a human that knows the truth about the otherworldly among us. She’d worked for The Boss—the Demon King himself—as his administrative assistant, handling everything from early retirements, to Maintenance’s incessant requests for dental.
No one gets dental.
Then she walked into Purgatory—totally not her fault—went back in time, and awakened powers she never knew existed. Now Claire has a prophecy hanging over her head, a diamond ring hidden in her sock drawer, and the blood of a long dead royal running through her veins.
And it’s only going to get worse.
Her vow to live free or die takes a serious hit when she’s forced back under The Boss’s protection. Of course, there’s no protection from fate, or the Bounty Hunter sent to deliver her to Purgatory. And as if being “the girl” in the prophecy wasn’t enough, Claire soon discovers there are three other contenders for her role—two of whom want her dead.
Follow more of Claire’s adventures in Dark Awakened, the second installment of the Devil’s Assistant Series, to find out if she’s lucky enough to escape with her life, or if she’s just the first notch on the next contender’s belt.

Tag Line:
Darkly delicious—relentless—and wickedly good … the Devil’s Assistant is back.


The Good Bad Guys Series

Genre:  Tween/Adventure Series

Publisher: Wild Fey, LLC


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Keegan’s Point (Good Bad Guys, Book 1)

Released January 2015


Amazon: http://bit.ly/KeegansPoint

Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/KeegansPointUK

Dedication (could be used like a tag line):

For the Adventurer in all of us.

Book Blurb:

Yesterday 12-year-old Charlie Parker would have given almost anything to see Keegan’s Point, the island estate built by the reclusive billionaire Marcus Keegan. Keegan died the same year Charlie was born. His body and twenty passports were the only things removed from the island—leaving a mystery and the unanswered question, who was Marcus Keegan?

But that was yesterday. Charlie’s biggest problem this morning was his presentation in fourth period. Since then he’s been beaten up by a bully, he’s lied to his mother, and he’s been kidnapped by three total strangers. And, as if the day couldn’t get any worse, no one even knows he’s missing.

Nick, one of the strangers, is one job away from finding the lost treasure he’s searched for his entire life. The plan is simple: go into Keegan’s mansion and follow the cryptic clues to the prize. There’s plenty of time, and his team is resourceful. He never expected that Charlie would overhear his plans or that he’d have to kidnap him to keep him quiet. Now there’s only one way forward, and that means risking everything. Soon, Nick realizes that Charlie’s involvement in his mission is the key to whether he’ll succeed or fail—because there’s much more at stake than a lost treasure.

From the author of the Devil’s Assistant books, Keegan’s Point is the start of a new adventure series where not all the bad guys are bad, where you just might find yourself rooting for both the bad guys and the good guys as they work together to survive.


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Nowhere, NJ (Good Bad Guys, Book 2)

Released March 2015

Amazon: http://bit.ly/NowhereBook

Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/NowhereBookUK

Dedication (could be used like a tag line):

For anyone that has ever needed a second chance.

Book Blurb:

Fourteen-year-old Matty Dunmore and his gang live in Nowhere, NJ, and their world of mobsters and crooked cops is about to be turned on its head. When Matty—a runner for the local Mob boss, Mr. Hill—is attacked and robbed during a delivery, he soon discovers the package he was carrying wasn’t the only one taken. The boys are told to keep watch for anything suspicious, but after the death of a higher up in the organization, their surveillance is discovered by one of the traitors. Now the friends must make a choice—tell Mr. Hill and risk the safety of their families, or keep quiet and live.

Flash forward to the present. Matthew Larson is now a legitimate businessman in Florida, but his past is about to catch up with him. No one—not even his wife and son—know the truth about who he was. The Matt Larson they know is a loving husband and father, not a ghost named Matty Dunmore with a secret so big it could get Matt and everyone he loves killed. Matty needs to stay buried in the past if Matt has any hope of surviving in the present.

When his former gang of friends, still tied to the Mob, discover he’s alive, Matt’s world comes crashing down around him. His son, Pete, is kidnapped by the new Mob boss in Nowhere—his former friend Lenny. Matt has no clue why Lenny would do this, but for some reason Lenny’s determined to make Matt pay. The stakes are high, life and death decisions are made at every turn, and the sins of Matt’s father threaten to doom him to a similar fate. Is there anyone left he can trust?

From the author of the Devil’s Assistant books, Nowhere, NJ is the second book in the Good Bad Guys series—a new adventure series where not all the bad guys are bad, where you just might find yourself rooting for both the bad guys and the good guys as they work together to survive.



HD Smith has been writing for over ten years. She is a software developer by day, working for an awesome cruise line in Celebration, FL.

HD grew up in South Carolina, but has called the Sunshine State home since 1997. She has Computer Science degrees from Clemson University (BS) and Florida Institute of Technology (MS). Her other hobbies include painting and screen printing. She enjoys creating t- shirts inspired by the places in her books. For more information, visit HD’s website at http://www.hdsmithauthor.com/.

HD’s Links:

Author Website: http://bit.ly/HDSmithAuthor

Twitter: http://bit.ly/HDSmithTwitter

Facebook: http://bit.ly/HDSmithFacebook

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/HDSmithGoodreads

*Amazon Author Page: http://bit.ly/HDSmithAmazon

*Follow on Amazon to get email updates of my new releases




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*** Spotlight for Sue Chamblin Frederick ***


BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY TO MEET Sue Chamberlin Frederick!!!




Adela Queen Harper, a Rita Hayworth look-alike, is small town Ivy Log, Georgia’s most talked about grandmother. A stunning beauty, it’s her lingering widowhood that mystifies the town folk who spend their time gossiping about her every move. Why would such a beautiful woman live her life without a handsome man at her side?

The prim ladies of The Church suspect she has a hidden lover in her grand two-story white house on Mulberry Street. More intriguing still, she disappears for at least four weeks in the fall of each year, supposedly enjoying time alone at her lake cottage.

Gossip becomes even more rampant when, after forty years, recluse Frank Carberry returns to the Carberry mansion on Nottely Lake. Only a short distance away from the grand house, across a white picket fence, sits Adela’s tiny cottage, where the lovely widow stretches out on her terrace and sunbathes . . . in the nude.

Come along with Adela as she discovers it’s never too late for love or lust.

“Grandma Takes A Lover” – a compelling story about two people whose romance proves that passion is ageless.


BUY NOW–>> http://amzn.to/1buEtKm


THE AUTHOR was born in north Florida in the little town of Live Oak, where the nearby Suwannee River flows the color of warm caramel, in a three-room, tin-roofed house named “poor.” Her Irish mother’s and English father’s voices can be heard even today as they sweep across the hot tobacco fields of Suwannee County, “Susie, child, you must stop telling all those wild stories.”

Sue spends her time with her Yankee husband in the piney woods of north Florida where she is compelled to write about far away places and people whose hearts require a voice. Her two daughters live their lives hiding from their mother, whose rampant imagination keeps their lives in constant turmoil with stories of apple-rotten characters and plots that cause the devil to smile.

Sue Pix  St Aug in Pink cropped for FB page


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*** Spotlight April Raynne ***

Jacksonville Florida Downtown waterfront




CS cover

Captured Secret By: April Raynne

One Sexy Name: Ty Caulder. He’s one of Orlando’s most talented and confident photographers. Honestly, it should be illegal to be so damn sexy. Famous for his smoking hot boudoir shoots, women flock to Ty’s studio wanting more than just his photography skills. It works for him though. The last girl, that had his heart, turned love into a four-letter word.Insert Stella Avery, who Ty meets through his best friend, and hires as a photography assistant. Stella redefines everything. She won’t settle for a one nighter anymore. She dreams of attraction, friendship and ultimately…love.It doesn’t take long for Stella and Ty to flow right into friendship. But after one late night out, they both feel exposed, confused and vulnerable. Feelings blossom, but with both of their pasts, can they be anything more than casual?

Part One of Ty and Stella’s Story *Mature Adult language/Mature Adult Sexual Content*

Captured love cover
Captured Love By: April Raynne

One word…Crushed. In front of all of their friends, Ty and Stella revealed in Captured Secret every perfect, hot, sad, and disappointing detail about their secret relationship.Stella can’t deal with the hurt and loneliness so she numbs her feelings out with alcohol at every turn. When Ty calls needing a favor, Stella has to decide if she is emotionally ready to lend a hand and find out how they now fit into each other’s world without the sexual side they both enjoyed so much.Fate has its way with their relationship, and Stella decides to better herself. But, when a professional opportunity arises for Ty, together they have to dig deep and find something neither one is used to giving…Trust.

Stella loves Ty, but how does he truly feel about her? Will these two lost souls finally be truly happy? Will they get their happily ever after, and if so…will it be with each other?

Part Two of Ty and Stella’s Story *Mature Adult language/Mature Adult Sexual Content*

April Raynne is a wife and a mom who loves to read and write. She manages a full time job, sports schedules and every thing that comes with everyday life. Sometimes, things tend to get hectic.Her writings are not beautiful and perfect love, but there most certainly is love in each story. They are filled with hot and steamy scenes, and they do have fun banter mixed with real life situations.
author photo
Author Links

Some quotes to describe her books:

“I absolutely loved this book. I was hooked from the very first page.”

“April’s writing lures you in and makes you feel as if you are one of the characters with in the book.”


“You must read this book!”



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*** Spotlight for Hilary Wynne ***






stay new


Set against the steamy and sultry world of South Beach, Florida, a modern romance unfolds in Stay. Alexa is beautiful, independent and hard to resist for serially unattached Julian. Neither one is looking for a relationship, but their palpable chemistry and instant emotional connection is too strong to ignore. For the first time in years, Julian is interested in more than just sex. He wants a relationship with intoxicating Alexa, but it’s not that simple. Not only are Julian and Alexa struggling with the intensity of this new relationship, but they also have to contend with Luke, Alexa’s best friend, whose own love for her leaves him willing to do anything to convince her that Julian is not the man for her. Luke’s determination and Alexa’s secret past threaten to tear Julian and Alexa apart as she struggles to open her heart to love. Julian and Alexa embark upon a roller-coaster ride of emotional and physical passion that both pulls them apart and holds them together. Despite their affinity for each other, Alexa fears that Julian will leave when he learns about her past and Julian is unsure he can love a woman who in so many ways remains a mystery, a woman who keeps threatening to run, a woman who can’t decide if she is going to STAY.

Stay Teaser

hold on cover

The sizzling, second installment in the Alexa Reed series.

Beautiful and successful Alexa Reed has dark secrets in her past that prevent her from trusting in love. Her fears start to fade when she meets charismatic, South Beach hotel owner, Julian Bauer, who is willing to put his extravagant playboy lifestyle behind him just to be with her.

He’s a man who likes a challenge.

Alexa’s newfound bliss is still fragile as she struggles to deal with the trauma of her ex-boyfriend’s death. Is Julian’s love for Alexa strong enough to heal her emotional scars and convince her their love is real?

Alexa is not the only one with secrets and what’s to come threatens to destroy their future together. Now it’s Julian who needs Alexa more than ever. Will she be able to hold on?

Hold On is Book 2 of the Alexa Reed series and is the follow-up from the hugely popular, Stay.

hold on 1


Promise Me is book three in the Alexa Reed series by Amazon bestselling author Hilary Wynne.

Alexa Reed finally has it all: a new lease on life, a bright future with the man of her dreams, a job she loves, and a great group of friends. She believes in her own happiness again.

Is it too good to last?

Alexa’s bliss is short-lived when an unexpected situation threatens the love she and Julian share. Suddenly, she has to choose whether to STAY and HOLD ON, or run.

The pain is too much. She runs. She runs away from Julian and from a life she can no longer be a part of.

But love is never that simple and an unusual twist of fate leads them back to each other … although everything is different.

They’ve changed.

Julian struggles to trust Alexa. She has a secret that threatens to ruin their fragile relationship. Alexa knows she has to tell Julian the truth, even if it destroys any chance of happiness.

They say love conquers all, but can it conquer betrayal from someone who has promised to love you forever?




About Hilary:


Have you ever woken up one day and said, “Today’s the day I’m going to do (insert thing here)?” Well, I did, and the result is my first novel, Stay. I always thought of myself as a decent writer, and then a trip down memory lane through my ninth grade book of poetry confirmed it. I realize that I have always had a romantic side and a way with words. With support from my husband and kids (and an unspoken agreement to leave me alone for a few hours every night), I embarked on this incredible writing journey.

I’m originally from sunny Southern California and spent my summers in South Florida. I attended college at FSU and received my Masters in New Mexico. I finally settled in the Washington, DC area. My happy place has always been anywhere near the water.

When I’m not writing, I help run a business with my husband, watch an inordinate amount of sports (my kids play something 365 days a year), indulge my competitive spirit on the tennis court, and spend time with my awesome family and friends.

I am an avid reader, but find my characters feel neglected when I hang out with other author’s characters for too long. When I do read, historical fiction is my favorite genre. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, places, and times.

I feel so blessed that my love of books inspired me to finally do something that I forgot I had always dreamed about doing.

My someday has arrived!




Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7431853.Hilary_Wynne?from_search=true

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HilaryWynneAuthor

Website: http://www.hilarywynne.com/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hilary-Wynne/e/B00GUNZDYO/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1429583628&sr=8-2

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*** Spotlight for D.S. Schmeckpeper ***





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Celeste is tired. She just wants to be left alone.

For centuries, the half-blooded elf has hidden herself away from the world and lived in isolation. Things

have been peaceful, quiet. But some have a greater calling, a destiny. When the humans unwittingly set

about a plan to release the source of all evil back into the world, Celeste is called upon by an old ally to

stop them, and to keep all of Altierra safe.

Now she must face her past as she and her allies travel across the continent to save a world she has

been apart from for eons. Will even her angelic birthright and druidic powers be enough to stop the rise

of the last god?

She never asked to be a hero.

Destiny can be funny that way.


“You Can’t Kill The Moon.”






Celeste moved her arms up and around Tarnelius’ neck, while his dropped to her

waist. They deepened the kiss, their tongues exploring each other’s mouth and twisting

together in an erotic tango. Tarnelius moaned into her mouth in pure rapture. She trembled

from the sheer emotion of it all. She knew that if elves died when they had nothing more to

live for, she and Tarnelius would live for an eternity because they had each other. This was

truly their happily ever after.

He broke off the kiss and inched back, trying to catch his breath and running his

hands up and down her body in a delicious caress. “Don’t stop,” she spoke inside his head.

“Don’t ever stop.”

“Celeste, my angel. Don’t ask me that now. I will never be able to refuse you. Come

on, I’m sure the others are spying on us out here, and I want our first time to be in private,

not out here in the open where anyone could interrupt us.”

She leaned forward, offering her lips to him, pressing her body completely flush

against his. He gave in and tried to give her only a brief kiss, but she reached up and

tangled her hands into his golden hair, holding him against her. She moaned as she felt him

straining against her and shivered as he caressed her wings.

He felt his control slipping as he kissed her with all the desperation of a starving

man. They needed to get themselves under control or he would take her right there. When

he felt her shiver he pulled back once more, running his hands again over her wings. She

licked her lips and closed her eyes, breathing heavily. “Does that feel good, Angel?”

“Mmm,” she answered.

He gave her a devilish grin as he stroked her feathery wings. “I had no idea your

wings were so sensitive. Come on, we need to get inside. We’ll have an eternity to get to

know each other intimately, starting tonight. I promise I will always be exactly what you

need, Celeste.”




Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00004]



What happens after the battle is done? Do you think everyone lives happily ever after?

Lumernia has been left divided, leaderless. The ensuing power struggle cost the city more than just the

knightly order, leaving the land and its people unguarded. Is the conquering army content with their

prize, or do they have their sights set on more?

Celeste, Tarnelius, Arcus and Siobhan are back. After saving the land of Altierra from the threat of the

ultimate evil, they expected life to return to normal and made plans to pay respects to a fallen friend.

No good deed ever goes unpunished, though, and their actions have many consequences. Kuunkierto

was defeated, but an ancient pact was broken and the first calls of war have sounded. Will they be able

to right the wrongs of the world once more? Will they be strong enough to face what is coming?

Through the flames of war, new destinies arise.






Victoria awoke with a start. She stared up at the ceiling, trying to figure out where she was.

Turning slowly toward the center of the room, she was shocked to find herself face-to-face with

Joseph, who was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall. He had apparently moved the

end table to the side at some point during the night.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

She sat up and stretched. “Morning. Have you been waiting for me to wake up?”

“More or less. I don’t sleep well. Night before last in Kayalost was the most rest I’ve had in

a long time.”

“So instead of sleeping, you decided to watch me sleep?”

A ghost of a smile flickered over his face. “You looked just like an angel.”

“I don’t understand you at all. You are full of mixed signals. You kiss me with such passion

and you watch me sleep, tell me I look like an angel … but you also push me away when I try to

take our relationship further.”

“Give me time.”

“Since when do you need time?”

Joseph turned away. “See? That’s why I need time. I don’t want to make a mess of things.

There is no rush. Right now, when you think of me, you only think of the women that came

before you. You think of how I didn’t wait. You aren’t thinking of us at all. You aren’t thinking

that maybe I don’t want a mere night of passion, that maybe I want something deeper. I guess the

question is, what do you want?”

“Joseph, the only thing that I’m thinking of is that I don’t want to wait. You said it yourself:

‘nothing in this life is guaranteed.’ Can’t we enjoy however long we have together?”

Joseph closed his eyes, seemingly lost in thought. For a moment, she was sure she’d won

him over, but then he shook his head. “Just give me a little time, all right? I want everything to

be special. You’re special. Being with you is special.”

“You’re infuriatingly charming, do you know that?”

He smiled a crooked smile at her. “One more thing for you to love about me.”

She patted the bed next to her. He rose to his feet and sat down. She climbed onto his lap

and kissed him gently on the lips.

Joseph deepened the kiss, his hand rising up to cup her face, while his other hand held her in

place on his lap. She tangled her fingers in his hair, shifting slightly. He groaned.

Pulling away, she murmured, “I do, you know.”

“What’s that, Vicki?”

“I do love you. You were right, and it is too fast, but something about you calls to me, to my

very soul. I–I’ve never felt anything like this before. It frightens me.”

Joseph stared at her, a look of stunned happiness on his face. He didn’t speak a word, and

after a few awkward moments, she pressed herself into him once more, kissing him with all the

passion she wished she could verbalize. She gave him a little shove and he fell backward,

landing on his back on the bed, with her atop him.

“Do you love me, too, Joseph?” she breathed.

Joseph rolled over, sliding her beneath him in the process. He kissed her chastely once, his

weight resting on his elbows. “I do, Vicki. I tried to tell you last night. You know what else?”


“I think I’ve had enough time now.” He kissed her again, this time with an urgency that

made her blood run hot.

Copyright © 2015 by D.S. Schmeckpeper



About the Authors:
10682127_680045708753748_354804744_n (3) - Copy

D.S. Schmeckpeper (a.k.a. Dottie and Steve Schmeckpeper) live in Florida, USA. They are a

husband and wife team who work together to create the Land of Destiny series. Both have loved the

Fantasy genre for many years and have wasted way too much time playing fantasy-based games. Dottie

was a vocal performance major in college, before she decided a liberal arts major was not for her. Ironic,

huh? They have two wonderful twin boys, who are three at the time of this publication. They are the

light of their parents’ lives. Steve does the artwork and comes up with many of the story concepts.

Dottie brings the ideas to life.  When not working, writing or drawing, the pair love to take their children

to Florida’s many amusement parks, and can often be found there.

If you’ve enjoyed this book, please consider leaving a review and/or rating on the site you

purchased it from. Authors, especially Indie authors, depend on feedback from our readers to help us

improve. Thank you very much.

Check us out on Facebook to see upcoming news, excerpts and more of Steve’s artwork!






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**** Spotlight Post for Barbara S. Stewart ****




2012-08-27 18.11.38



Beth Morgan is a young woman who’s just been given the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to meet her favorite band, Traveler. That meeting leads to a chance encounter with her idol, the band’s lead singer, Andy Stevens. What follows is a love story. A journey through the peaks, valleys and trials of a relationship lived in the public eye; the miles they traveled together through his career in the music business, and her struggles to stay obscure in a world she never really settled into comfortably. In the end it’s all about love, fate, and what the heart can’t hold back.









Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” That quote was profound to Carlee.

She’d experienced great loss, but love surrounded her. Andy worked hard to fill any void she experienced. He made sure that what was missing was full. He learned late in life how to live a life based on someone else’s needs. He gave her love and support, his time and his heart.

But nothing she knew could have prepared her for the love she found on a once in a lifetime European jaunt with her Papa…






Andy Stevens was a ‘Rock God’ of the music world in the 1970s and 80s. He lived his life on the road, going from one concert venue to the next. And then he met the sweet girl-next-door, Beth Morgan, his “Bethy”. As a couple they spent many years together traveling life’s highway – a path with many ups and downs, detours, and finally a place where they would spend their forever together, but forever was a brief moment.

Carlee Oliver became an unexpected addition to Andy’s life that changed his direction completely. She taught him how to love – unconditionally – and became the daughter he never knew he needed. But now she was off in Europe, married, sharing her life with a new husband, and for the first time in many years, Andy found himself alone.

Reflections of years past and memories led him on a new journey.

Could he share his heart again…?


The Face in the Mirror E-Book Cover



Loss brings things home. You reflect on what you had, and what you’ve lost.
What if you met the love of your life… Again?
What if he never fell out of love with you?
And you realized that you were still in love with him.
Could you push the past aside…
And focus on the future?
Relive what was good…
And learn from the bad?
What if you found a secret…
That revealed that everything about your family was a lie…
Changed your thoughts on love and commitment…
And turned all that you believe in upside down…
What if a mirror reflected what you loved…
And what you lost?



Tate E-Book Cover




** This love story is a suggestive romance. The love scenes will not be graphic.

A tease from page 256 – because that’s what page number Gene called out! 🙂

“Maisie,” she said in a voice filled with delight, “it’s beautiful!”
“I see more detail, but I need time to sketch it out.”
“So, does this mean you forgive me?” she asked, guardedly.
“I can forgive,” I said, and hesitated. “I need more time to forget. Honestly, there’s been so much hurt through all of this that forgetting isn’t as easy. I’ll work with you.”
“Maisie, I’m sorry,” she said again.
“Let it go. Please. Let’s move on.” She’d been there over an hour and honestly; I was ready for her to leave. My mind was so full of everything that she shared – I needed her to go.
“I need you to know that Tate is a good man, Ami. I’m blessed. I didn’t know if I could ever move past Blake, but Tate pulled me out of my self-imposed asylum. He’s showed me a life I never knew possible. I never knew that I could feel like he makes me feel. I was ready to feel again. Tate made me feel again. I hope you find your own Prince Charming.”
“I’m not looking. I need to think about some things. I need to regroup and think about how a woman waits for love to find her.”
“You will, Ami.” Quiet a moment, I added, “Can we keep this conversation between us for now?”



About Barbara:

Barbara S. Stewart (7/13/1959) is a yankeebilly, born in Havre de Grace, MD, and raised in the central east coast area of Florida. She currently resides in Middleburg, FL with her husband, Gene.

Barbara has worked in the electronics industry, and most recently in healthcare. In 2009, she received The American Cancer Society’s HOPE Award for volunteerism.

She writes love stories from her heart that come to life from music. A song begins to paint a picture that becomes a love story. Barbara writes in a way that allows the reader to imagine the love. Readers tell her that they feel like they know the characters she brings to life.
She refers to her writing as ‘the sound-track of her life.’ Sprinkled through her stories are humor and sadness based on real life experiences shared with family and friends.

A reviewer on Amazon recently said, “This isn’t a romance, it’s a love story.” (readingmaven)

“As a writer, I hope you continue this journey, travel with me, see what song inspires me next, and I hope that you see more growth with each page you turn.”

She finds great enjoyment in reading. Her love of ready began with classics like Little Women, Christy, and the Nancy Drew books. “Books are an escape, a journey into new and different places.” Her favorite genre is romance. She loves to explore and support other authors who paint a picture through words that allow her to feel the story – like Adriana Trigiani, Maggi Myers, and Nora Roberts.

Barbara is working on a rewrite and edit of her first published work – Sweet Surrender.

You can reach Barbara by email bsswrites@yahoo.com
twitter: @bsswrites